Square Ramp is an overlooked space for unique occurrences.  The ramp is located in the Jackson Armature building at 310 West Jackson just west of South Gay Street. 

The Square Ramp will be open from 11 to 5 November 25 & 26 and December 2, 3, 16 & 17. We will have a wide array of artwork and crafts from local artists:

Amelia Galvas @Aviarybroomco  Handmade Brooms
Brigid Oesterling @Brigidkojewelry Jewelry 
Carla Basile @Carlamae1130 Ice-dyed napkins
Coral Turner @cgraceturn Beaded necklaces
Daniel Clay @danielclay Woodworking
Joanna Warren @joannawarren0 Leather goods
Lesley Eaton @lesleyeatonstudio Painted paper collages and cards
Maggie Connolly @caoyustudio Ceramics
Melissa Everett @Mne_textiles Textiles
Niki Myers @mountainmontn Electroplated adornment for body and home
Shelagh Leutwiler @holographichighkick Hand dyed clothes and beeswax candles
Tina Rosling @tinarosl Ceramics